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Thread: gore/TheFiend/DigitalSyntax=1 man.

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    gore/TheFiend/DigitalSyntax=1 man.

    I thought everyone knew that gore, TheFiend, and DigitalSyntax were all the same person.

    Just look at their profiles; read their post for a bit, and consider their passion for SuSE. Do the math people.

    http://www.antionline.com/member.php...&userid=122917 -TheFiend
    http://www.antionline.com/member.php...&userid=144335 -DigtalSyntax
    http://www.antionline.com/member.php...&userid=114435 -gore

    later m8's.

    The antipoints expose.
    Hello world.

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    Are you really that bored that you go through people's profiles to find out who's who and if they're in a supposed 'alliance' or may be the same person? Get a ****ing life. Who cares. Take the petty **** somewhere else.

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