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Thread: Jupiter media gone too far?

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    Thumbs down Jupiter media gone too far?

    Jupiter media is making antionline.com a ****ing wasteland. The geniuses at JM now have ad-words at antionline .
    I am designating this thread a petition against the number of ads on antionline.com! Below is some software to help fight all of the goddamn ads!

    1. Add http://mjxads.internet.com/RealMedia/ads/ ( to your HOSTS file (/etc/hosts or %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts or %SystemRoot%\hosts depending on your OS)

    2. Add foo ( to the HOSTS file also, this should stop all the damn popup words... Good luck!

    EDIT: I found a list of the words they use, they are as follows in a few different formats

    Text: http://www.aderkach.org/jmwords.txt

    Also, I have made a proximitron rule for killing this stupid script: See ithere

    It's simple, but it works

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    Um, HELLO?! Stay with me here...because I'm getting tired of explaining this. We don't have paid memberships here and it costs money to run a site...so how do you expect them to pay for it? There's tons of sites out there with ads, get a blocker and get over it if it bothers you that much, but I'll guarantee you Jupiter Media didn't invest in a site for it to become nothing more than a money pit.

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    Heh heh, these are gettin' old.
    Every now and then, one of you won't annoy me.

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    Goddess: They do not need the money to run AO, with the money they ripped off JP for they could run AO for a few years. They need it to run internet.com

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    Phew.... I thought these ad words were some new adware that hijacked its way onto my comp

    hehehe good ol' hosts file...well it blocked it for a while
    there appear to be several ips its coming from

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    Hey guys ive got an idea if you think this is such a crappy site then just go the **** away. Yea i admit that there a few things that have happened that i dont like but if you want your idea of a utopian website then learn HTML find a host and feel free. I gotta go with greek goddess on this one. Id rather have to look at a few adds then have to shell out monet every month. YICS is now up so if you dont like it here go there to bitch about JM.

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    Since this issue is resolved, I'm closing the thread.
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