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    Just a general question,
    wanted to know if you guys think HTML is the easiest language to learn,
    i think it is, seeing as im 13 and i already know the basics of it.

    I just want your opinion.

    You need people of intelligence on this sort of quest...

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    In my opinion yes it is because no matter what site you go to you can always view all or some of the source and learn from that.

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    I suppose yea its pretty easy although i dunno whether really a language in the sense of a "programming language", IMO its more a script really, I know HTML means hyper text mark up langauge but its not much of a language.

    the best think about it is you can write a little bit and then saveas and view your work,

    im probably wrong but i dont think you can edit files with HTML and you cant really do an proper maths with it.

    to be a programing langauge you need to compile it and that turns it to machine code, you dont do that with HTML

    some my argue that the 3 P's (perl, python and PHP) are programming languages but by definition because you dont compile them (you can to python and perl, not sure about php with addtional software)there scripts


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