Stand Against The RIAA
Welcome...Thanks to our good friend xmaddness, We have a forum to speak out against the RIAA. Here you can voice your opinions, organize rallys, protests (Online and Offline). This will be a great chance to have a voice amung others, known to big business as the little people. Show them your right to trade music online should be legal. You can also discuss here ways to avoid being caught. Suggest Networks for file trading. Below, is the site run by xmaddness.
I Highly suggest that If you at all involved in music trading online, or just have an opinion on it and/or the RIAA, To stop by, register and chat it up.

Please Visit:

Thank you for your time for reading this post, I hope you take advantage of this chance to possibly help make a differance.

Also please make sure to check out AntiOnline Founder, JP's new Personal Website:

JP's new site is sure to be run better then the 'New' AntiOnline. Because you can be sure to trust him...altho he made the bad judgement of selling AntiOnline to a bunch or morons... =P
With your help, YoursInCyberSpace could become such a success as AntiOnline has over the years. Please show your support for John as he has provided you with this site, AntiOnline. For Computer Discussion. Im sure it has helped plenty of people.