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Thread: I guess rascists are cool here

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    This thread is completly pointless. Something as deeply rooted as someone's view on racial relations cannot be changed through anomyous post at a security site. This is just going to lead to animosity between people were there was none before. Drop the thread and move on.

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    you origianl statement is a bit of a flase dichotomy.


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    Originally posted here by lumpyporridge
    I think you are taking it a little to serious steve , what i am saying is if you don't object to others using racial slurs you are condoning them and allowing them to be socially acceptable . I find it not acceptable to refer to blacks as monkeys and i am sure most people would agree
    <cold light of day> You're probably right, I was taking it too seriously. </cold light of day>

    However, just because I don't publically object to racial slurs (or other slurs) doesn't mean I approve of them.

    I don't see why I should have to publically make a song and dance about non PC comments, especially when I don't even know what PC is.

    BTW, my favourite insult for people (all races, genders etc.) is 'spanner'.... I wonder what that says about me.

    This is my last comment on the matter, I'll take advice. Thread dropped I'm moving on.
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    Well you can take heart in that you are the only one to post something interesting. I hoped this thread would bring about an something worth reading and thinking about. Yet all it has gotten is petty gripes about my grammer and spelling. Cest la vie....
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    Originally posted here by steve.milner
    BTW, my favourite insult for people (all races, genders etc.) is 'spanner'.... I wonder what that says about me.
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