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Thread: She's There

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    She's There

    You know the feeling,
    You know the pain,
    you know the dealing,
    Of absence and shame.

    Someout out there,
    YOU know its true,
    A chill, that small scare,
    To end hurt and blue.

    If time is of the essence,
    And love is but quaint,
    Then take my adolescence,
    But my heart's not for taint.

    Its hard to imagine,
    Its hard to portray,
    How this time straight-gin,
    Is not on display.

    What do i mean?
    No im not drinking..
    My mind is clean,
    And sadly still thinking.

    Shes there, Ive seen her
    You've seen her too,
    Whether in dreams, of a blur,
    Out of bounds, its true.

    Someone is there though,
    clear as night sky,
    Clouds, not dough,
    Can float, can fly.

    If you reach out sometimes,
    To feel what you can't,
    Uncontrollable, yet benign.
    She can help, to stop life's rant.

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    That's absolutely beautiful...

    I can't put the "you" we met in Austin together with those words...but it's a beautiful creation all the same.

    Go Finland!
    Deviant Gallery

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    hehehe well im a weird guy i suppose, yeah those pictures should be developed by now, our wal-mart is kinda slow :P

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