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    Unhappy Networking ???'s

    I'm a huge networking newbie with a couple of questions my question will probably be an easy one but I did look around and coudn't find the answer on the forum. Well my problem is that i'll be getting a dsl connection soon, which is great, but I can't get it unless I find a way to put it on my step dad damn comp. Well seems easy right just network it but its a Mac so.
    Is it possible for me to connect a pc to a mac (just for the internet)? If there is then what is the cheapest possible way? And what is a good speed to buy DSL at?(Ohh yeah if it matters I have Windows ME and my step dad has some version of Mac OS but its not the newest and i can't ask him because he's a sleep)Well I'd like to thank you for all your help in advance.

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    I suggest you buy a small router (LinkSys) and plug both machines in there. Macs support TCP/IP(unless its ANCIENT) so it should network as easily as the PC. In the case your Mac is only semi-ancient and does not have an Ethernet card you can use the Appletalk(serial ports) and use TCP/IP over that but you will need to purchse an appletalk/ethernet bridge. Asante sells a decent one for about 50 USD(Thats a rough estimate).

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    Also if at some point in the future you get a chance to....it might be a good idea to upgrade to Windows XP if you really want good stability and an easier time dealing with networking stuff, but that is just a helpful tip because of issues that ME has plagued myself and many others with I'm sure. If your step dad has Mac OS X I would think it would be possible as Maestr0 mentioned to network the two systems. Even with Windows ME you can still do it....you could check these out, it may help you...



    Just a few things you can check out, hope this helps....let me know how it goes.
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    To answer your questions, it is possible to connect the PC and the MAC to the internet at the same thru a router as Maestro said. The speed of DSL would all depend on your usage and what u r comfortable with. Most people are quite comfortable with a 128k connection but if u have higher usage and ur stepdad and u r on the net at the same time quite often then u might consider a higher speed.

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