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Thread: E-Mail server?

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    E-Mail server?

    I wanna set up an E-Mail server and I wanna know the best free way to do this. Anyway I can do it with Win2k? I am gonna do it with linux for sure.

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    for linux:-

    i think this is what you looking for it something like this


    theres a tutorial on setting it up here: -


    im not sure about windows 2k although im sure its possible, try google

    you might have better luck if you try searching for something like pop3 server, you question was a bit vague in fairness what do you actually wanna do?


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    For all your mail server needs on Windows 2k/XP check out MailEnable Standard Edition.

    Hrm.... did I sound enough like an ad? Anyways.. I just today uninstalled MailEnable because my ISP found out I was running my own mail server and blocked my inbound/outbound SMTP (Port 25) access to all but their server. I can't even use my school/work account anymore. They claim they give me an email address, so that's all I need. I say they're running a dictatorship. Anyways MailEnable Standard is very nice. It supports multiple domains w/ POP3/SMTP. If you get the MailEnable Pro version (costs $$$), you also get built in webmail support.
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