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    Is AVG any good?

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    Yes the free version works better than NAV 2K3 IMO. It doesn't take up as many recources. It gets updates very often I might even go as far as to say more often than NAV. I like it and have used it for a while now.

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    AVG ROCKS!!!

    'nuff said.
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    Yeah, I switched to AVG after my last format and I love it. It doesn't use anywhere near the resources as norton did, it doesn't integrate itself with everything, when norton crashed on me I'd always have to reboot because of the way it changed Outlook Express. I've yet to have AVG crash on me, and it catches pretty much everything, I had a friend try to break it and the only thing he got by it was one mIRC script..
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    Yes, AVG is quite a great virus scanner. If you don't have it you can download t at You can update whenever you feel like it from the internet as long as an update is available. It has a virus vault which locks away viruses that cannot be deleted or "healed" as the program calls it. And it won't allow you to open an infected file using its AVG Resident Shield.

    I reccomend AVG or Trend Micro.

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    I can tell you that i'm happy with it. I used it for about 6 months or more now. My friend who was a lover of NAV and used NAV for several years just cracked his CD in half, and made the switch to avg. He said he is happy with it.

    My only concerns are zip files containing viruses, it detects them on scan, but I think should detect as they are downloading. I did the eicar test

    The com was detected, the txt was opened with my browser, being opened as ascii does no harm, im sure renameing back to com would be detected on scan. Both and I had to download, store on my drive, then the scan picked them up.

    But all were detected.

    Im looking into a demo for Kaspersky antivirus, can't find one yet but alot of good reviews on it, also a bunch of members on fourm that has now been closed for new posts, all recomend kaspersky, they say it catches the most trojans and has good Heuristics

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    Thumbs up

    i was reffered by a friend to avg, and havent looked back since. i have since passed on the favor to everyone that i know. It also caught some bad scripts that nav did not.

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    Hey AVG is pretty good. I am happy with it because it caught my Trojan BO when it was running looose on my system...he he. 2 Thumbs up for AVG.

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    Since I heard it given shining reviews here a few months ago I tried it out, and have had zero complaints since. I've told everyone I know to go check it out, and they're all thrilled with the results as well.

    Definitely worth your time.
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    I am another happy AVG user. I was reading somewhere that it just got really high ratings from the industry, too, as if that mattered! I have tried quite a few and have stopped looking, never was happy with NAV and panda actually missed a klez on me once.
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