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Thread: Editing Windows to Run Faster!

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    Editing Windows to Run Faster!

    Many of you that use Win32 (Windows) operating Systems, your system will eventually become slow at start up and slow while running....this can be fixed easily.
    Slick start, Run, then type in MSCONFIG
    Click the tab "Startup", then deselect everything in there except your anti virus, firewall software, and any other special programs you need (like Roxio Direct CD {you about never get those out without it on}). SysTray is not really needed to run the windows environment and may actually make your system work a little faster, but not by much. You can even disable the startup menu from starting up programs at startup. (NOTE: Sometimes, you have some spyware/adware installed in your start options that can be disabled with this method. Simply deselect them and any programs that look suspicious. Examples of this would be Bargain Buddy, Search Warrent, Bonzai Buddy {This guy is spyware galore}, and many many others only select what you know you use and have your important things on always)
    Then select APPLY then OK, when you are finished editing this.
    It will ask you to restart. Click yes.

    If you don't defrag and scandisk often, you really should start now. Go into "My Computer", select your C: drive and click properties. Then go the last tab (usually on this tab, may be the second to the last depending on how Windows is configured and which Win32 OS you are using), then start your defrag. Let that run (may take anywhere from an hour to a day or two, depending on how much disk space you have and how fragmented your drive is.).
    When defrag is done, run scandisk and repair any errors you have on your hard drive. (Never start both of them at once. They will notice hard drive changes and restart over and over in an endless loop). Repeat this process for any other drives you use quite often.

    If you're using Windows XP, you have a ton of graphics for everything (Picture for everything in a program {even worse, and OS} is not a good thing ever).
    First, we'll start with your start menu. Right click your start button, click on properties, then select the classic mode. Then right click your desktop, click on themes (which may be the first first/default tab, I don't use XP so I don't know), then select classic. After that. Click apply your settings and close the dialog box. Windows XP should now be running faster and taking up a lot less RAM.

    That should help out your win32 box with speed and it's annoyances.
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    other possiblities for windows 98:

    if you have two hard disks edit autoexec.bat:
    set temp d:\temp\
    this forces windows to use the other hard disk as temporary file location

    Go to Control Panel and go into System. Click on the Performance tab and then the File System button. Change the 'Typical role of this machine' setting to 'Network Server'.

    turn off your active desktop

    Click on the 'Virtual Memory' button in the System Properties. Click on 'Let me specify my own
    virtual memory settings'.
    Set the 'Minimum' amount to 2.5 times your physical memory (RAM). For example, if you have 16mb of ram, you'll want your minimum setting to be 40. Put this same amount in the 'Maximum' setting.
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    Go to www.blackviper.com
    This guy has put up all sorts of windows tweak guides. Just go into the "Articles" section.

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