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Thread: Nullsessions and socketlock..

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    Nullsessions and socketlock..

    1. I need to disable socket lock, how can i do it?

    2. Is it possible to retrieve workstation,trust,interdomain,server accounts and other hidden shares with nullsessions over port 139 (windows NT 4.0)
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    2. Yes; open cmd and type: net use \\[victimsipadress]\ipc$ /u:"username" "password" - if you want to open a null session leave username and password blank with no spaces like that: net use \\[victimsipadress]\ipc$ /u:"" "" at the end a message will appear: command succesful then type net view \\[victimpadress] this will list you the shares on that computer.

    As the purpose of preventing that to happen to your computer you, you can restrict null sessions on your computer:

    Run regedit find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Lsa and change the value to 1

    1. when i find an answer I'll tell you.

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