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Thread: linux help

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    linux help

    have an old pentium 133 with a 1gig hd and a 1700mhz with a 40gig can i download linux onto my 1700 but burn it and not install it then install on my 133.


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    yes, just watch how many packages you install so you can have some free space. for linux isos and burning instructions i highly recommend going to www.linuxiso.org

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    Sure you can, just go to www.linuxiso.org , pick your distro, download it, burn it and boot you other machine from the cd.
    With 40 gigs I dont think you really have to watch the space.
    Check the system requierments perhaps for the amount of ram and minimal processor nut most will run fine on a 133 mHz

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    thanks for the help guys in going to download slackware now.

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