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Thread: ??? file extension .zne ???

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    Angry ??? file extension .zne ???

    I have downloaded a compressed rar file and after expanding it I ended up with a file that has a .zne extension. I am unfamiliar with this type of file if anyone knows anything about this type of file please share it with me. Thanks!

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    go to www.filext.com and type it in it should tell u all about it

    oops i just checked there to see what they said and there was nothing on it
    make a back up copy of it and change the file extension to rar or zip or something of that sort that programs such as winzip, winrar, winace and so fourth can open
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    http://www.irricad.com/icfaq.htm contains a reference to a .zne file, it's a "zone" file for a plant-watering CAD package (beats me, the only zone files I know about are for DNS)

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