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Thread: LoL, Those subpoenas are really doing it!

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    LoL, Those subpoenas are really doing it!

    This is a Memo i got from my school, LOL regarding about the subpoenas.

    Date: July 24, 2003

    Subject: Important Wentworth Policy Reminder

    In recent weeks multiple subpoenas have been served on internet service
    providers, Colleges, and Universities seeking to obtain the identity of
    individuals who are violating the law by downloading copyrighted music.
    See the July 21st article on CNN:


    This is a reminder that the sharing of copyrighted materials is illegal
    and can result in legal action being taken against persons engaging in
    this activity. Wentworth Institute of Technologys facilities are not
    to be used for violations of the law. This policy is clearly stated in
    the policy on bandwidth management. You can view the policy on
    LConnect here:


    PLEASE NOTE: Any student computer hosting copyrighted material
    (software, video, audio, etc.) in violation of Federal Law - Digital
    Millennium Copyright Act
    (http://www.loc.gov/copyright/legislation/dmca.pdf) will be
    disconnected from the network.

    I dont mean to be a pain. I decided to post it just because many of our members had a lot to say about them. Just something to keep pple "communicating" with each other =D

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    Sending subpoenas to the schools makes news and their tactic is that they want Mom amd Dad to stop their kids from stealing music by making it appear they are getting everybody who engages in P2P--it is actually slowing down the theft of copyrighted material a very little bit
    the only way to fix it is to flush it all away-tool

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