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    Post storm linux

    ok heres the problem, I'd like to run a Storm linux on my 550MHz Gateway PC and hav done so in the past. only the last time i successfully managed to install it i had dedicated an entire harddrive and alas i was unable 2 run any of my windows based programs wich was pretty much wot i expected.but it drove me nuts as u can expect from a newbie wiv very litle experience wiv linux.so i decided to go back to my old win98SE and formatted the drive and reinstalled windows. ok heres where im having difficulty. im still using windows and would like 2 carry on using windows, but also run linux on the same HD. now i know u can have some sort of dual boot system where u may choose which OS youd like to use wen u start up ur computer.now i believe iv setup the right partitons and created the right mount points but just b4 the actual installation and after the formatting of the partions i recieve the following error

    "There seems to be a problem with your lilo configuration:

    Warning:device 0x0305 exceed 1024 cylinder limit geo_comp_addr:cylinder number is to big (7142>1023)"

    could sum1 tell me wot this means and how i could fix it.


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    I think this is your BIOS not supporting boot partitions past the 1024th cylinder

    make a small boot partition below the 1024th cylinder..

    there are numberless tutorials on this..
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    just plop in some partition manager and set an 82 label /boot partition at like 1.1 mb or something...

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    ok thnx guys, ill c wot i can do.

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