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Thread: will there be any civil liberties left?

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    will there be any civil liberties left?

    In a few years if the trend of big business and government passing all the laws they want does not recede there may not be any personal rights left.

    People will be given the option to do what they are told, if you get my meaning. How far off is that?

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    Hey gold eagle,

    I don't know enough about this to develop an accurate opinion. Could you provide a few examples of legislation that has actually been passed that infringe on personal rights? Or Isn't already under extreme protest? *cough* RIAA.

    I just don't feel I know enough about this subject to form an opinion. Maybe I missed something in the papers, I dunno. Anyway, I thank anyone in advance for their examples.

    The real question is not whether peace can be obtained, but whether or not mankind is mature enough for it...

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