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Thread: IRC Daemon suggestion

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    IRC Daemon suggestion

    I'm currently mucking around with a little server upstairs, Slackware 9.0 on a 233mhz/32mb box... I've got it doing a few tasks, just messing around with possible uses.

    Does anyone have an IRC daemon that they would recommend? Small scale, not a whole lot of users or any sort of multi-server support, preferably something open source with features like Half-ops (user status that designates a intermediate level of authority)...

    I'm just not quite sure what's out there or what feature set goes to what variety of daemon.
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    I think your best bet will be unrealircd :http://www.unrealircd.com/
    or bahamut: http://bahamut.dal.net/
    or hybrid: http://www.ircd-hybrid.org/

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    Have you tried a jabber server?
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