I though I had better introduce myself.

After reading a few of the posts round here I realise that I'm getting old. There are a lots of very smart young people around.

I'm 37, with a partner, one 18 month old little boy and another baby due in January.

I'm a RH9 linux user at both home & work and I've had a long history with computers:

Comodore Pet
Sharp MZ80K
BBC B Micro
Comodore Amiga
Amstrad 1512 PC
Clone & Branded PCs
Familar with Most Flavours of Windows & Some Linux Flavours

I work for an electronics retail company in the UK as the IT Manager and amongst other things security is one of my areas of speciality.

I enjoy Sci-Fi & Horror Films & Books and will listen to most music but I enjoy Reggae, Some Rap (Ice T), Trance, Techno, Happy House and good old fasioned Rock, especially Pink Floyd.

Hello to everyone, and thanks to all who have made me welcome.