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Thread: MCP Magazine Salary Survey

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    MCP Magazine Salary Survey

    Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine has released this 30 or 40 page PDF file containing the results of their 2003 salary survey.

    If you have any Microsoft certifications you can check this out to see if you're being over or underpaid.

    MCP Magazine 2003 Salary Survey

    Same as last time- upload didn't work. Anyone know what the file size restriction is off the top of their head? Or is there some other issue with file uploading right now?

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    It is always fun to look at the salary surveys and see how much they have changed since the IT wave has crashed. I can remember numbers three times higher than the current reports. I'd say around 1998-99 was the time when IT = BLING BLING. Does anyone else remember the infamous MCSE commercials that ran every 5 minutes claiming that you can earn 120k a year as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engeneer? LOL. Now that the market is flooded with paper MCSEs and the economy is in the crapper, looks like a complete correction has taken place - $48K for an MCSE (or there abouts).

    Anyway, thanks for the post Tony.
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    The ONLY thing my MCSE is good for.....

    I have this one server room that I can never find the key for and that MCSE card pops the lock quicker than anything. Plus, I don't tear up my Visa card doing it. I keep the certificate in my bathroom in case I ever run out of toilet paper.

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    ouch, have to keep this one away from my boss
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    File size restrictions, as identified when you upload, is 1MB.

    Attach file:
    Maximum size: 1048576 bytes
    Since the file is over 3MB, that might be why it didn't take.

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    anyone notice the part where someone with an A+ cert has an average salary of $52,000? Yeah, I'm underpaid
    i\'m starting to think that i\'m bound to always be the first guy on the second page of the thread.

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