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Thread: How To Uninstall MY SEARCH STUPID Search Toolbar From My Internet Browser?

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    Angry How To Uninstall MY SEARCH STUPID Search Toolbar From My Internet Browser?

    I just reformatted my PC to install Win XP Pro. It is nice to be back to this forum.

    I just installed Kazaa & this stupid Kazaa once again installed a My Search searchbar into my IE browser without my knowledge. I can't find any option to uninstall this stupid toolbar that I don't need. Could someone help?

    I have unistalled the so call Peer to Peer Manager that came together with Kazaa but this stupid search bar is still there.

    To the programmer who created this toolbar - you are so stupid! Why can't you make an option for me to delete this searchbar that I don't need.



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    Have you tried AdAware? Hint: KaZaa installs a lot of other stuff that you may not really want. Or so I hear.

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    Did u try to delete it from the Control Panel's Add/remove software?...it could be there
    an unintstall might have come with the program but its not obvious.

    Also, yeah, kazaa does install a lot of other crap that u dont need/want. try Spybot Search/Destroy too. and consider using Kazaa lite which i heard it has less of this crap. I dont use kazaa, i use a clone of it called "grokster" http://www.grokster.com it still has other crap that i dont need but to me it looks like it has less crap than kazaa. Look into it

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    add/remove programs. It's on the list. It was for me.

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    Uninstall procedure
    Uninstall My Search Installer from "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows® Control Panel.
    source: http://www.kephyr.com/spywarescanner...er/index.phtml
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    And a link to SpyBOT Search and Destroy: http://security.kolla.de/
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    I would also recommend using Kazaa Lite instead, its all you want out of kazaa without all the BS

    Kazaa Lite Official Website
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    slightly off topic, theres an alternative to kazza called WinMX can be downloaded from http://www.winmx.com/

    I downloaded winmx fo a friend to try while he was visiting, I however am not into file shareing.

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    Kazaa, as you have found out, comes with a lot of little side programs. You probably just left a box checked in the install part of the program that allowed it to install the search bar. If it is really annoying you, you might just want to delete kazaa and then reinstall your browser. Deleting kazaa wont get ride of the bar on your browser...someone correct me if i am wrong
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