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Thread: shutdown window

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    Angry shutdown window

    for the past few weeks now every 10 minutes a window pop's up, and it says something along the lines of "other users on on, are u sure u want to shut down...yes or no" almost EVERY 10 minutes, and it gets reall anyoing. also, if no one else is loged on( I have windows XP) it will just automaticly shut down
    i scaned my whole computer for virsus, and none are present.

    dose anyone know whats going on here?!?! please help
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    Ok go into windows control panel if you have the catergory view double click performance and maintenance then double click power options and see if it is set to shut down. laptops have that option to save on battery power.

    And I would of asked this question in the Microsoft Security Discussions because it is a microsoft product

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