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Thread: Your PC's Spec?

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    Your PC's Spec?

    Just wanted to know what everyone is running these days....

    - Processor: 2.8ghz Pentium 4 533fsb (Clocking at 3ghz)
    - Memory: 1024mb DDRAM
    - Disk Space: 80gig HDD
    - Graphics: 128mb Geforce4
    - Monitor: 15" TFT Flat Panel
    - Operating System: Windows XP Professional Corporate SP1
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    pretty neat machine u got there, i bought my baby 2 months ago
    i had a reaaaally limited budget,and this is what i got
    PROCESSOR: 2 GHZ PEntium 4 s533
    disk : 40gig
    graphics: ....uhhhh......damn....i got nothing (some shitty onboard one)
    monitor: used to be 14" till a week ago , 17" now
    OS: DOZE 98se
    sound: 6 channel
    256 ddram

    thats her.

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    Hrmmm.. which one.. Let's see:

    Machine 1:
    PowerComputing PowerPC Power Tower 255Mhz, 256MBRAM, 20GB, Voodoo2, Monitor 17", OS 9

    Machine 2:
    PowerComputing PowerPC Power Center 150Mhz, 128MBRAM, 2GB, some crappy 32bit card, shares monitor with Machine 1, Yellow Dog Linux

    Machine 3:
    Pentium 100, 64MBRAM, crappy onboard vid, no monitor, FreeBSD 4.7

    Machine 4:
    Panasonic Toughbook CF-48, Pentium III 600, 192MB RAM, 10GB, ATI Mobile Rage, Dual boot slackware 9 (main OS) and Win98.

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    P2XBL Mainboard
    Pentium 3 katmai @ 500 Mhz
    192 RAM pc 133
    30 Gig Maxtor harddrive
    S3 Savage 4 video
    Atapi CD-ROM 50X
    Creative CD-RW RW121032E
    Realtek PCI networkcard
    Creative SB-Live sound card
    MS Natural keyboard
    Optical mouse

    On my desk is also

    Voyager 3000 Laptop
    Running @ 166 Mhz
    40 MB's of RAM
    2Gig HD
    No network interface
    Data cable running to a Siemens M35i telephone.
    (sorry I have no absolute specs for this machine as it hardly ever gets used).

    Furthermore I have alot of old machines which are all mainly disfunctional or at least need some parts fixed. (but i am too lazy)

    But my pride is my:
    386, 4MB, 120MB compaq notebook.

    Operating systems vary from time.

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    New System:

    MSI K7N2 Motherboard
    AMD Athlon 2700+ Processor (2.17 GHz)
    120 GB Serial ATA Drive
    1 GB PC 2700 DDR RAM
    Geforce FX Ultra 5600 with 256 DDR RAM
    16x DVD
    52x24x52 Liteon Burner
    Logitech Wireless Optical Mouse
    Onboard Sound...no decent system yet to need it
    Keyboard I bought for 3.50 that sucks, but I put the money into the computer...
    All in a Koolance Liquid Cooled System

    Mobile System:

    Compaq 1800
    Pentium III 800 MHz
    192 MB RAM
    20 GB Hard Drive
    8x DVD
    Both running Windows XP Pro...
    But the Koolance System is really where the power is for me...lol
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    Machine 1
    Packard bell pentium2 350
    ATI 3d rage IIc agp
    running winxp pro plain cdrom
    128 sdram
    80 Gig maxtor Hd

    Machine 2
    Compaq Laptop 1.2 ghz
    Cdrw/dvd combo drive
    wireless card slot type 1,2,3

    Machine 3
    Store bought Atx case
    1 ghz amd Athlon
    Philips cdrw drive
    128 sdram
    40 gig western digital
    Nvidia riva Tnt2 64 meg

    And my newest monster
    Dell Dimension
    2.66 Ghz
    512 DDRam
    Dvdrw/Cdrw drives
    64MB DDR Nvidia Geforce4 mx with tv out
    80 gig Harddrive

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    Hmm some wicked beasts out there... mine lists as:

    P4 @ 2.4 GHz
    HDA - 80 GB - Win Xp [all updates and whatnot...]
    HDB - 40 GB - RedHat Linux 9.0 with 2.4.20-19.9 kernel core
    ATI Radeon 9000 Pro [128 MB] w/ TV-Out [and additional tuner for TV-In]
    512 DDRAM

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    Here's my little family ..... nothing special but they keep me happy,

    1. P4 1.7 Celeron, 80gb hdd, 512mb SDRAM, 64 & 32 mb Gforce4 & Nvidia cards feeding out to 19" & 17" monitors running Win2K, tv tuner card, dvd etc etc ....... cable networked to a ...

    2. P4 1.7 Celeron, 512mb SDRAM, 20gb master & 80gb slave hdd, all onboard mainboard stuff feeding a 17" monitor - running Mandrake 9.1 .... wireless card (D-Link 520+) networked (to sisters place via converted satellite dish) to a .......

    3. P3 AMD 900/Asus board, 128mb SDRAM, 20gb hdd, D-Link 520+ wireless card and two other NIC's (one for her home network, the other for the modem), 32mb graphic card, crappy 15" monitor - running Mandrake 9.1 that is out to the internet via ADSL modem.

    A Couple of P4 spec'd Win2K multi-monitored boxes are set up in her home running off the P3/900 (firewall) box. Also we share disk space via samba and ssh for remote admin etc .... I do all the admin on the wireless/nix boxes and she is the MS guru.

    The last one (the P3) was thrown together from left overs from bits and pieces (all bar wireless card) that I had lying around at home.

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    wow, good mixture of stuff.
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    Actually to let you know there is already a thread started kind of on the same topic which is here.

    But it's always nice to see what people are running and compare systems. I would bore you with all my computers, but the only real one worth showing off is my gaming system:

    Brief description of my system configuration: I'm currently running Windows XP Pro (build 2600) with all updates except for Service Pack 1, on an MSI Ultra 2 motherboard, with an AMD 1700+ XP Processor (overclocked to a 2600+), 512MB of Kingston PC2700 RAM, a Visiontek GeForce 4 Ti 4200 with 128 of DDR memory, a LG 52x CD-ROM drive, a LITE 24x/10x/48x CDRW, a Seagate ST340823A hard drive (Primary), and a Seagate ST380021A hard drive (Secondary).

    Cooling: I have a Koolance PC2-C Midtower case that is cooling my processor, chipset, and video chipset.

    Peripherals: Connected to my NVIDIA graphics card I have the I-O Display System's 3D Stereo Gaming Glasses, and for USB devices I have a Logitec Force Feedback mouse, a Gravis GamePad Pro, a Gravis Eliminator Aftershock, and an Interact Raider Advanced FX. Also I have a Dell Axim X5 connected to my system via a front mount USB cable. Altec Lansing Gaming 251 6 channel speakers.

    Mods: 2 blue LED lit fans to show air intake for the radator, and 2 red LED lit fans to show air exhaust for radator and case, a 12 inch catho tub (6 inches red, and 6 inches blue), 4 radation symbol laser cut grills (2 blue and 2 red), almost full side door window with molding, inside and top Koolance fan enclosure painted chrome, outside except front painted black. Plus to go with the lighting a USB LED blue lit keyboard (I forget the name off the top of my head)
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