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Thread: Where to go

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    Where to go

    Some one i know recently got into my MSN account and changed everything and did some stuff. i told him if i found out he was in my accout again i'd go to the athority's but thew truth is i dont know where to go! where do i go who do i call? any help would be great.

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    change your password
    the only way to fix it is to flush it all away-tool

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    i did i got it back

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    Did you ever see Jay and silent bobs latest movie? They had a creative way of handling those so called computer nerds. OPEN THAT CAN OF WOOP @$$ The Law only protects big time buisnesses and wont waste there tiime on some little MSN Account.

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    God I love Jay and Silent Bob. So sad they're not making any new movies.

    And the first place I'd go is Microsoft. Send them an e-mail, let them know that this guy's been screwing around with your account. They'll at least be able to tell you where to go from there.

    Also, do you know how he got into it? Did he nab your password somehow or what?
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    You never know it might just be enough to scare him to the point to where he will think twice about doing it again. and inf0streaker If I was you I would change my password often to prevent something like that happening again in the future

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    Thats a good idea DeadAddict. i was thinking the same thing i would love to just scare him? i threaten him that i would but he didn't beleive me so i think i wll do as much as i can to just really scare him silly. than he might straighten out his act.

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    I think it could have been me..

    in a local cybercafe I sometimes come people pay, go away and leave their MSN on..

    I warn 'm once..

    • I select all the "I want SPAM" options (automaticaly sending 20 mails a day and increasing that exponentialy) in hotmail (the only mail service I have seen with these options)
    • change their MSN nick to "I'm so dumb I can't remember to switch off my MSN"
    • change their language settings to russian or simplified chinese (in both MSN and hotmail)
    • log them out (as they should have done before leaving the PC

    Do I feel bad about doing these kinds iof things ??
    No.. Stupid people don't have a right to my pitty !!

    And this way thei learn never to do it again (after choosing a new MSN/hotmail adress)
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    Heheh that is cruel but funny The JinX I hope they learn to shut it down and clear the internet cache

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