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Thread: Heads Up**VBS.Bingd@mm

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    Exclamation Heads Up**VBS.Bingd@mm

    Hi Guys..

    Another Cat 2 from Symantec
    Symantec Info Page


    This ones entry is due to its Distribution Capability.

    Threat Assesment
    Wild:- Low
    Damage:- Low
    Distribution:- High


    Number of infections: 0 - 49
    Number of sites: 0 - 2
    Geographical distribution: Low
    Threat containment: Easy
    Removal: Easy

    Large scale e-mailing: Sends mail to the first seven addresses in the Outlook Address book.
    Degrades performance: Affects look and feel of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    Summary of Threat
    VBS.Bingd@mm is a mass-mailing worm that spreads using Microsoft Outlook. It modifies the registry and sends itself to the first seven addresses in the Microsoft Outlook Address Book. It is written in Visual Basic Script.

    Also Known As: Trojan.VBS.NoExp (KAV), VBS/Generic@MM (McAffee)
    Type: Worm
    Infection Length: 3878
    Systems Affected: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me
    Systems Not Affected: Windows 3.x, Microsoft IIS, Macintosh, OS/2, UNIX, Linux
    Technical Details

    Sample only
    Searches for Microsoft Outlook. If it is installed, the worm will send itself to the first seven entries in the address book. The subject of the email is in Chinese

    Roughly translated, this means "Are you coming tonight?"

    The body of the email is also in Chinese:

    It asks the recipient to read the attached letter.

    The attachment is Bingdian.vbs.

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    Keep up the good work Taker, One of your pre4vious warnings actually arrived here 30 minutes after your post

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