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    A post in Newbie Qns. has sparked me into life...

    Has anyone using RH9 had any luck getting PCMCIA 802-11B wireless cards working with security enable.

    We've tried & failed many times here, although that was a couple of months ago.

    Read lots of docs & howtos out there.

    They all seem to work, until we engage security/encryption & then it stops working, even though we've gone through the setup & added the required info.

    Is it true that a good deal of the chipsets in wireless devices are 'broken' and the security isn't supported by the hardware and windows seems to work because it's doing the encryption in software.
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    I set up a Belkin hub and a usb card for my laptop i then set up security as it was stated in the manual and this worked first time. Check the settings as in the 54G and the 802.11B mine is the 802.11b and the hub is set to auto select best.

    Hope this helps.

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