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Thread: Mb 2 Gb ?

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    There are 2 ways to convert from KB to say MB or GB. There's a binary conversion and a decimal conversion. The official SI standard dictates that K,M and G are multiples of 1000. This is also the standard harddisk manufactures use. Your computer however uses binary conversion (1024 or 2^10).

    So binary conversion is:

    1 GByte
    1024 MByte
    1048576 KByte
    1073741824 Bytes

    Decimal conversion (SI standard):

    1 GByte
    1000 MByte
    1000000 KByte
    1000000000 Bytes
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    The funny thing is that some HD manuefacturers **** with this system even in a worse way..

    stealing multiple GB's off a Big Harddisk..
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    Originally posted here by fourdc
    2 bits equals a quarter (LOL)
    Actually 2bits is half a nybble.

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    welll 4 bits equals a nibble....
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