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Thread: Encrypting ftp traffic. pureescape.net

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    Encrypting ftp traffic. pureescape.net

    Does anyone know how to encrypt ftp traffic using stunnel or similar app?

    Firstly, I'm using RH9 and VSFTP Server. I'd like to encypt my ftp traffic, but I don't want for clients to the server to have to download anything special to use it. They should be able to use their existing ftp clients for their operating systems.
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions. www.pureescape.net

    Also the ftp server is right here ftp://www.pureescape.net/pub

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    If you don't want your clients to download and/or install something 'extra' then it simply cannot be done. FTP just isn't secure and cannot be made secure without additional tools.

    But if you are using a Linux server it should already have OpenSSH installed. OpenSSH also contains SFTP (SecureFTP) but you probably need a different client for it. SFTP uses SSH to authenticate and encrypt the connection. SFTP works exactly the same as FTP from a users perspective. Most windows clients that support SFTP also support FTP so users can use the same client for both protocols.
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