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Thread: Legislation takes aim at spyware

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    Legislation takes aim at spyware

    A resolution introduced in Congress would force companies to lift the cloak on
    their use of spyware, a kind of software that can secretly collect information
    from Internet users.

    The Safeguard Against Privacy Invasions Act would require companies to inform
    Internet surfers that they use spyware and get permission before the software
    is installed on a hard drive.

    As an independent program, spyware can track Internet browsing, examine files
    on a hard drive, even monitor keystrokes, according to analysts and trade

    Privacy advocates say spyware also can collect everything from passwords to
    credit card numbers. While its use is allowed, disclosure often comes in the
    fine print of terms of use agreements, which few casual Internet users read or

    The federal legislation introduced Friday "will help prevent such invasions of
    privacy," Rep. Mary Bono, the California Republican who wrote the act, said in
    a statement. "Through this bill, users will knowingly agree to the conditions
    under which spyware operates before it is installed."

    Web sites that use spyware would have to clearly post a notice about the
    software and how it is to be used, and a separate note if the spyware gathers
    personally identifiable information. Then users would have to grant permission
    before the software could be installed.

    The Federal Trade Commission would be the enforcer with the ability to levy
    civil and criminal penalties.

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    Link to original artical?? please...

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