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Thread: Novell BorderManager

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    Novell BorderManager

    Just come accross this.

    Anyone got any experience of using it.

    Is it any good, I'm wondering about trying it out at one of our sister company sites who are familiar with netware but want me to connect them into our networks.

    I've not got much in the way of netware experience, so any advice happily received.
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    I've used it. It's actually not bad. It does web caching and seems very effective at what it does. Easy to setup. I managed to cause it to abend once on a friend but that is a known bug so as long as you have your support packs and updates, it should be solid. At the place I worked at we used it for 3 years (I left around then). I believe they are still using it today.
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    Yeah, we use bordermanager at about 18 sites. It is a pretty damn good caching server, and not too shabby as a filter proxy. If you are using NetWare 6 and have some exerience with LDAP, it integrates nicely and the functionality of it increases exponentiallyl.

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