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Thread: SuSe 8.1 problems

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    SuSe 8.1 problems

    I havent used my suse comp in about a week, now everytyome i start it, the bootloader thing loads then when it tries to load linux the screens goes black and the Scroll-lock and Caps-lock lights on the keyboard blink? So i tried loading it with safe settings and at the bottom it of the screen is says "Alert! trying to kill idle process" :Idle process will not sync" and it wont go any further than that? please help.

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    I'm not a SuSE expert by any stretch, but the flashing lights indicate a kernel panic.

    Has anything changed with the hardware recently?

    Has this been the first boot since installing either a new kernel or kernel module.

    What are the messages on the screen just prior to the screen blanking?

    Try getting hold of Knoppix ISO image and make a CD.


    Then by booting from CD you can have a look around at things to see what the problem might be.

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