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Thread: any of you seen this crap

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    i\'m the guy who bitched out a girl about writting poems in General Chat... Now everyone thinks I hate women and that I\'m gay ... live and learn ... hehe

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    no.. but I know for a fact he likes to play frogger.

    I think he also helped write code for the original "DOOM"

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    pPl +h@+ 741k l337 $p34K r pHuCK1n9 r3+@Rd5
    so you are calling youself a retard ...why dont you just write the message in normal letters... btw a game is a game ...you dont kill people in real life ... so what games should this guy play ... i recommend Tetris ...

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    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    The international ban against torturing prisoners of war does not necessarily apply to suspects detained in America\'s war on terror, Attorney General John Ashcroft told a Senate oversight committee
    -- true colors revealed, a brown shirt and jackboots

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