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Thread: Microsoft Takes Linux For A Test Drive

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    Microsoft Takes Linux For A Test Drive

    In an effort to better understand its main source of competition, Microsoft has deployed Linux and other open-source software in a test center that's typically used by its business customers to experiment with Microsoft's own products.
    Next, Microsoft plans to create a comparable system using Windows and its own server products to see how Windows and Linux match up side-by-side in a variety of workload scenarios.
    Quoted From Here : http://www.informationweek.com/story...cleID=12803689

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    Damn.... Good one M$. If M$ can understand it's competition then they can prove they are better, assuming they are better.

    Maybe M$ will just use some of linux code to better their system... well why not. We don't have anything to loose. A better windows system, more security, and more stable. I say M$ go for it.

    Nice turn on things though if I must say so myself.

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    Hmm...I wonder if there would be any issue with Microsoft using any Linux code. I don't think there is any rule in the GNU license that would prohibit them from using the code. I think they just need to give proper credit to the people who wrote the original code, the people who made changes to the code under GNU and lmake the source code available. I don't think Microsoft is ready for that final step yet. Is anyone more versed in GNU and Open Source around here?

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    I predict that Microsoft will try and take the open source Linux code, cover it in fancy, overblown GUIs, encrypt the whole thing and put it on the market as a new version of windows. That's just how they operate, as has already been seen in the past.
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