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Thread: Intel beefs up on chip security

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    Intel beefs up on chip security

    The news came in an announcement from Wave on Thursday. The company's software enables a chip, called the Trusted Platform Module, that handles the additional security functions. The TPM, designed by the Trusted Computing Group, will encrypt and decrypt documents and is said to ensure that documents are stored in secure places of a PC.

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    If Intel main concern here is security then way to go Intel. But if they are actually trying to monitor consumers then I think that's terrible.

    Privacy advocates have criticised the TPM system saying that rather than securing data, it will be used to monitor consumers' use of music, film and software for licensing purposes.
    Intel has tried this before so it's really not surprising if that's what they have up their sleeves again.

    This is not the first time Intel's proposed security add-ons have provoked scepticism and scrutiny. In the late 1990s, it buckled under pressure from privacy advocates against incorporating a serial number in its processors. Those against the move claimed the numbers could be used for track users surfing the Internet. It is said that had the serial number been introduced it would have performed a similar function to that of the TPM chip.
    Think about it guys.

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    Well as cutty said way to go to them if they are going for security. But my skepticism is laying doubts in my mind in what they are actually up too. I wouldnt be surprised if it was another way to try and monitor users. The methods they try to use to monitor people are really starting to hit below the belt IMHO.

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    If they are really going to track users. they are going to lose alot of people buying their products. I don't like the idea of what I do on my computer that I worked hard to pay for give information about what I do and where I go when I am online no thanks I like my privacy

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    If they are planning to track users to see where they are going and what they are doing they better think twice about doing it.because alot of people don't want other people knowing what they are doing or what they are looking at. the security part I am happy about people need better security products

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    Well, to throw a little twist in here... <<laughs evily>> k, I understand this is hear-say, so I could be wrong. I read someplace sometime ago that M$ and Intel are scratching backs. Microsoft continues to make their code bloated (something like running 2000% larger than it should be, the OS as a whole that is) and Intel will let M$ in on some processor specs before they actually hit the market. I dunno if this is true, I'm not sure if I want to believe it.

    Now what does this have to do with this thread you ask? Well, if the above is true, it could be another back-scratching marathon. Wasn't there something about M$ wanting to have access to your files to 'track use' etc? Something like that, and since that didn't work so well, now maybe they are trying to get Intel on it and M$ is offering some type of pay or something for it. lol, this probably sounds nuts, I know. Like I said, I wanted to put a twist in this, though I do not intend to get this thread onto another topic.

    But whatever, there are so many privacy issues on the net now, its hard to keep track with my little brain... To be honest, if Intel desides to use their processors to track all my uses, fine, I will switch over to AMD. If they do it, well, I guess I will cross that bridge (or burn it down) when I get there. (Go MAC! )

    Just my two half pennies here...

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    I doubt Amd would go that low and risk losing revenue from it's customers Just for some information on users. They have better htings to do like make a faster better chip

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