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Thread: Wht should i learn after JAVASCRIPT

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    Wht should i learn after JAVASCRIPT


    ....I guess the subject says it all..........

    where do i go from here, i know java,or i read a 200 page book, so there must be allot more out JAVASCRIPTING that i need to learn.

    and does anyone know of a site that gives ALL the DOM HIERARCHY references and functions

    The reason why i learned javascripting in the first place is, because i wanted to make a FORM
    that could write to a file OR email BACK TO ME( without that damn PROMPT coming up),
    but now i still am in a pit.

    I was thinking of getting a DHTML book, as my understanding is that DHTML is, the use of javascript to make a page more INTERACTIVE,and better lookin' AND a book that would enable me to write to files and maybe A SMALL DATABase capabilitys(or forums.etc).

    should i learn PhP or ASP or C.net ... or something else????......


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    First of all there is a big difference between JAVA and JavaScript.
    What you should learn next really depends on what you want to do.
    If you want to advance in webdesign PHP is a good choice as is ASP.
    If you want to learn programming applications you could go for C or C++ although lots of people say that phyton is a lot easier to learn.

    JAVA (not to be confused with JavaScript) is also a nice language to learn as you won't have to port your applications for different platforms.

    But like said it all depends on what you want to do with the knowledge.

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    thanx , i actually already know C and C++.

    but what i want to do is increase my web developement skills.

    i dont know what language to choose???

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    you could either use C (because you are familiar), PHP, Perl, ASP, Heck QBasic if you really wanted to...

    PHP and Perl are very similar but PHP is a bit more web-friendly.
    ASP is similar to BASIC

    Now, these would all be considered Server-Side
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    thanx, i think i'm gonna learn me PHP.


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