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Thread: Security News? or Security Olds?

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    Security News? or Security Olds?

    Hey Hey,

    Has anyone ever clicked on any of the Security News links before? Now, IMHO, AO is still a reputable security site, and it should provide links to decent information. I recently clicked on the news link titled "Security Experts On Alert for Large-Scale Hacker Assault" and was amused to find it was an article on the RPC flaw. If JM is linking us to Security News, should it really be news that's been discussed on the site for nearly 2 weeks? I'd really prefer it be more up-to-date news. I realize they want us to visit their other sites (gotta love seeing the same ads and everything else) but shouldn't the site at least be a little better run. Hell even the news they give isn't entirely correct.

    The vulnerability itself, which affects Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP machines, is a serious one.
    Now if this was the first I'd heard of this flaw and I was running Win 2k3 I'd assume I was fine. However the vulnerability also affects Win 2k3. I personally feel if we are still a reputable security site, that maybe the information on the site should be decent, and more up-to-date.

    I didn't bother posting this in site suggestions because I know it wouldn't do any good.. I just wanted to give my two cents and see how others felt on this issue.
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    They should keep it up to date if they want people to click on the link and read it.

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