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Thread: PHP and HTML Questions

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    PHP and HTML Questions

    I have 2 questions which pretty much have nothing to do with each other...

    first the html one...How do I link something in a higher directory without using the full url, ie: i'm in the /one/two directory, and i wanted to link something in the /one directory. How would i do that without having to type in the full url or is that just impossible?

    second, for the php question, i think it'll probably be a fuction, but i'm getting information from a form and i want to make sure its a integer, so what can i use to make sure it is?

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    Hey Hey...

    Not too sure on the first one, depends on a lot of things prolly but you should beable to do ../<file>

    For the second one you want to use the php is_int function.
    if (is_int(1234324)) {
    print "true";
    } else {
    print "false";
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    ok thanks, that helped, and on the first quesiton, i'm thinking it just cant be done...

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    if done from page two should get you to the parent directory like HTRegz vaguely stated. It should work, it works on my servers apache on MacOS X and on Mandrake.

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