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    Help me...

    My PC display this msg when i'm turn on it "CMOS checksum - default loaded". I've already change the batt, reseating the RAM, and reset the jumper, but the msg still display. then i'm trying to enter to BIOS setup but nothing responding... I dont know what is the problem....

    My motherboard is Abit AB-BH6....

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    #533: Symptom: CMOS checksum error, default settings loaded.

    While it is possible for a hardware malfunction or crashed program to cause this error to appear at power-up time, the most likely culprit this year is the AntiCMOS.A virus!

    The 5200 /mint reacts to this virus's small, potentially harmful changes to its CMOS settings by restoring the default values. When it does this, it presents the user with the above error at power-on time.

    Some 5200 /mint notebooks will reset the CMOS to a value set that includes a "no hard disk" setting, in which case the notebook will not boot from the hard disk until the hard disk type is set to back to "Auto ID" again. To do this, Press Cntl-ALt-S when prompted, during the first 15 seconds or so of the 5200 /mint power-on procedure, to enter the SystemSoft SCU (CMOS setup). Then press Alt, and go to the Disk menu, and go to Hard Disk or Disk 1, and use TAB and the down arrow to highlight the Auto ID option. Now use the SPACE BAR to select AUTO ID, then Press Alt-X, and Enter, and Enter again.

    The rest of the correct 5200 CMOS settings can be found in Tech Note #520 .

    The AntiCMOS.A virus can be detected and removed using Norton Antivirus 3.0 (or higher). McAfee Antivirus does not detect or remove this virus.
    From: http://www.dynamis.net/pcmint_ftp/52...AL/tech533.htm

    Since I've never heard of this... check this out.. it has instructions on how to correct it but I'm not sure it will work...?!?!

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    That is weird that it is stated that McAfee does not detect this virus. Here is a link from McAfee's virus library that speaks of the virus and the minium DAT's and scanning engine to remove it: http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_98045.htm
    - Maverick

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