alrighty, the first question is about that damn hack-this-site thing. I'm on lvl 5, and the stupid telnet wont work. When i use port 23 it asks me to login and when i use port 80 it just sits there after waiting forever the stupid thing says press return to begin and then proceeds to lose the connection. sooo, whats going on here?

2nd, can anyone suggest any books i can go buy??? i got about 70 bucks to blow, and i dont need a new hookah at the moment what i want to do is take it one subject at a time, get a thourough knowledge of it, and then continue to learn something else Know any good books on javascript? or html? or even php? lolz, im an indecisive person, so im leaving the choice up to you! thanks for all the input everyone, you help is greatly appriciated.

btw, where would i post if i needed help with a basic prog im working on??? ty


(is this in the right section?? if not, sorry. im new here lol )