I downloaded freeBSD 5.1, and I am trying to install it on my old p2 300mhz. I think I've installed the operating system ok, but I am trying to run KDE 3.1.3 on it, and its giving me problems. I was trying to have my resolution be 1280x1024 (on a 15in. monitor), but whenever I ran startx it would say "no screen". so I changed the resolution a few times and I had to take it down to 400x300. This is waaaay to small for me, and all the windows are too big to see. I'm not sure how to get the resolution up to 1280x1024. I know the monitor and graphics card supports it (I was using it on Windows). And I also get a few other errors when I first run startx. Something about dcopsomething not finding something. I can't look it up right now, but as soon as I can I will and I'll post again. So basically my problems are these:

Can't change resolution to 1280x1024
Can't run startx or KDE without several errors

Thanks in advance for the help!

EDIT: One of the errors was that startx and/or KDE didn't have write access. But I was logged in as root. So I don't know why.