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    Smile 2 Questions

    First question:
    Where can I get a windows honeypot or something similar to that for my personal computer?
    Second question:
    Any one here know of any stable & free website hosting that offer ad-free hosting, with at least 20mb of space and FTP access?


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    Use google to find your free honeypot. Did you know you can build some kind of honeypot using netcat? Just make a batch file where nc instances are started that listen on various ports that attract kiddies/crackers.
    For example:
    nc -vv -L -p80 -d >>logs\HTTP_LOG.txt
    nc -vv -L -p21 -d >>logs\FTP_LOG.txt
    add as many as you like. All incoming requests are logged, although this is not a real honeypot because it doesn't simulate the service it's something.
    For your second question:
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    For information about honeypots see the Honeynet project

    Building a honeypot with windows is a bit silly. Windows itself is one huge honeypot
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    If you understand honeypots, you would know why you don't want one on your PC. They are designed to keeep people OFF the rest of the computers in your network. So by installing one on your PC, that is like inviting people to hack your PC. And by definition, that means that not only do you want people to hack your PC, but you want them to see all the information on it.
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    he may have a spare windows pc laying around doing nothing that he wants to play with. we shouldn't assume that because he is a newb that he's retarded.

    symantec has one called symantec decoy or something like that.


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