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    When you Bored ...

    Nothin' special, just curious what u guys do when u feel bored. Nope, not just bored. It's like lost in the air, dunno what should do, seems like walking in the air. All the hopes,goals and aims are likely to be lost. What would u do? Clubbing? Keep in high? stuck the gun and start shooting? lol Hits the sand bag? take a long bath?
    i dunno how\'s the world spinning..
    but i know well abt how\'s my chair spinning.

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    You will exceed expectations here i guess, 3 Posts and already bored :s

    I like beer. :P
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    Well, when bored I tend to play chess. Or play my guitar. BTW why are you bored nothing to do. Read a good book. Always helps me.


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    I also like reading, programming, drawing/painting, writing, running, fishing, camping, hiking, footbag, soccer, sm0king, et cetera...

    Boredom is cause by laziness
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    I am usually bored at work, so I browse the AO forums in hopes of finding usefull/interesting information! When at home I watch movies and play ps2. Going out hiking is always fun when technology gets boring!
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    Depending what season it is...

    Winter: Skiing... Snowball Fights... A little hiking...
    Summer: Football... Boxing.... Reading...
    Overall: TV, Computer, and Other Common Household Things.

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    Get a girlfriend (or boyfriend). This usually kills about 90% of my free time.....and money .

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    Bored... hmmm... that happens rarely since am always busy at work or doing stuff for friends, but when am really bored I do the following.

    Play Game Cube, play basketball, go swimming, go to the batting range, go drive, go race some go carts, or check a female friend (always seems to kill the most time ) and the list goes on.

    There's always something you can do when bored, it's just if you want to do it alone that counts.

    - The mind is too beautiful to waste...

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    Depends, when the wether is bad I play my playstation or I start coding some useless program.
    When the wether is good, I'll get out and smoke some cigs as my parents don't know I smoke. Right now I'm to depressed/sad to get bored, my girlfriend left me for somebody else while I rejected someone that I fell in love with just because I didn't want to hurt my current girlfriend(now ex). It's been a month since I got outside. The only thing I do is listening Ramones and Misfits while surfing antionline.
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    I like to read,swimming,working out, playing games, since i have a boyfriend oops i leave that alone.lol
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