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Thread: Legally "Cracking" Web Sage II

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    Question Legally "Cracking" Web Sage II

    I use the term "cracking" very lightly because all I'm trying to do is recover a password. I noticed other people on here are quite serious about causing trouble when they use the term. Here's my situation, hope you guys can offer some advice:

    As an intern, I'm overseeing our LAN for the nonprofit organization I work at (because no one else here has the tech knowledge), something that's still very new to me. As it turns out, one of our client computers on the network has the Web Sage II program (I have no idea what this is, and Google offers no help as it seems). I tried opening the program to see what it is and if we still need it, but I'm immediately prompted to either enter a password or exit the program. However, the password is for the previous user of this computer, who has since left the organization, so the new employee using it of course does not have access to the program as a result. So here we are with a program still under the previous employees' user name and password, and no way to retrieve it. What's embarassing is that I don't even know if this program is of any use!

    So, I tried looking up password cracking software, and encountered Brutus. I immediately took to searching this site to find out more information (lest I fall into a hacker trap), and load and behold, there's no legal use for it (I know, "duh", but bear with me, this is all quite new to me). My naive assumption was that since it was our software, there would be no harm in cracking the password. So today I'm a little less naive and I know to stay the heck away from that.

    But now that I can't find a website for this program, and cannot legally use cracking software on the password, what should I do? Is this a hopeless cause for which I should uninstall the whole program and forget about it, or is there an alternative?


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    i wish i could help you but i havent heard of this at all...im also hoping somone here has so i can also learn about this...im a very curious little boy and im very sorry i cant help but i will try to research it for you and if i have any luck i will post here

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    I am having a hard time finding this program as well. Only information I have found makes me believe it's some sort of browser, this was at the bottom of this page: http://www.aristotle.net/orbit/

    orbit is enhanced with dhtml - special effects viewable only in Web Sage II or internet explorer 4.0 and up this site is fully netscape navigator compatible

    Hope this helps a little bit!
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    You may be on to something, as our ISP is Aristotle.net...I'll have to look into that.


    You're right! Web Sage II is a browser provided by our ISP, Aristotle, and is geared toward computer games as it seems. Hmm...Seems a previous employee may have been having too much fun on the job!

    Thanks guys, you closed my case for me beautifully!

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    Can your browser do this?
    WebSage II will connect you live to chat events,
    Instant Messages, live on-line games, and more!
    Oh, and did we mention full compatability with
    Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4?
    Order your CD now!
    Or download.
    Hope this helps, cross was on the right track.

    Possibly the last guy installed it to see what it was about, and you probably don't need it, but you can check it out for yourself
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    Sorry for the late response, but I e-mailed the people at Aristotle and got this a few minutes ago:

    WebSageII is the software Aristotle developed for its customers. It allows users to access the internet, receive email, go to newsgroups, instant message other Aristotle users, and much more. Recently, we upgraded it so there are very strong spam controls - you can see the header and "from" address of each email coming in and delete it before it gets to your computer. You can also add it to your own personal list of automatically blocked email addresses and subject lines. For more information or to sign up for service, please call 501-374-4638. Thank you for your interest.

    Sarah Novack
    Cheers, jag291

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