Hello fellow computer geeks and security gurus!

I just joined AntiOnline today, and it looks like this is a thriving, useful community. I am currently a senior university student majoring in Management Information Systems, and I am currently managing the LAN of a nonprofit organization for my internship.

As much as I love computers and Internet security stuff, I know comparatively little to you guys (but comparatively a whole lot to my coworkers!). I'm very wet behind the ears, and honest about the fact I'm a humble, eager newbie, so I hope to learn a lot as a member of this community. From simple firewalls to figthing hackers and crackers head-to-head, I want to learn everything I can about making the cyber world safe for everyone young and old --

--and learning some really cool stuff along the way.

So I look forward to interacting with you all and learning from your collective knowledge!