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Thread: how do i....

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    how do i....

    how can i view someones AOL profile if i am only a AIM user without and AOL account?

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    Ask em to take a screen shot of their profile . Sorry, I don't really know (there are some obviously un-ethical ways...) but I don't know of any cool tricks that'll do it. *goez to search google*. (I'll edit this post if I find anything).

    I found an interesting conversation about the same thing here: http://forums.theideaweb.com/t1782/s...c4e054157.html

    Apparently there was some site called "Infospy" that could do it (until AOL sued them out of existence). And somebody else came up with a solution kinda similar to mine:
    Ok...heres the solution: -- 1) Open up your buddy list -- 2) Scan down through your buddies, holding your mouse over each one, untill you come to one that is using AOL -- 3) Instant message that buddy, and say "Hey, can you do me a huge favor? copy/paste the profile of [insert sn here] to me? Thanks!" -- 4) Wait for a reply -- I hope this helps. -- //Moracca

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    How do I move a post from AntiOnline: How do I? to GCC? Oh wait, never mind... got it!

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