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Thread: batch files in windows xp

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    batch files in windows xp

    what is the point of a batch file and how do you do em

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    Batch files are programs that allow MS-DOS and Windows users to create a file to perform a long tasks fast. Such as opening certain programs ran frequently, deleting or managing files, etc. Simple batch files do not require any special programming skills and usually can be done by knowing the below commands and or just DOS commands.

    A prime example of a batch file for someone whom may know more about Windows or MacOS would be relating a batch file to a shortcut in Windows or icon on a MacOS. Batch files like a shortcuts are small file which is used to run frequently accessed programs.

    Another example of a very well known batch file is the autoexec.bat, which is simply a boot file loaded each time the computer is loaded. Within this file contains various lines to load various programs and drivers into memory each time the computer boots
    From: http://www.computerhope.com/batch.htm

    That website pretty much covers everything about batch files... which are basically commands written in a simple text editor and saved as .bat.. these files are like mini programs that do things like delete massive amounts of files in a few seconds, or run a script on startup, or etc... see the site for commands and etc.


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    they can be used to parse logfiles for "strings", start another program and pass it args (if the program takes them). They are very usefull and ectreamly easy to create. Some of the newer worms depend on them to spread. their anythng but dead. Longhorn is adding (re-adding) support for 16 bit proggies like batchfiles.
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