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    A cafe in Majorca

    Hi, Im currently sitting in an internet cafe in the santa ponsa, I was wondering if any of you memebers here have ever visited this great place? I come here about 3-4 times a year, if you have been here where have you stayed? And when was it? Did you enjoy it, what bars did you go to?

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    Muuuuuuhhhhh ahahahahahhahhahahahhah

    I loved Majorca!!!! Always stayed in Cala D'or near Santanyi. We usually went to the bars around Palma, but that is because I was hanging out with a bunch of Germans...will definitely be going to the northeast side of the island this year (Sept or so).

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    It's been 20 years since I visited Majorca, I used to like Pollensa and Palma Nova.

    The Caves of Drach rock!

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    Im still here, and my friend has broke his leg while we were out on drinking session in cheekos.
    We left the bar the he went and fell down a hole so now he is ****ed, oh and there a a few hotties here this year

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