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Thread: What *nix should i get?

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    What *nix should i get?

    I was wondering what linux is good for gaming and web/software development? I hear that redhat and mandrake is bad to get, i guess i was considering debian and suse at the moment. What are your views on this and are there n e books that can help me "get started". I am a good book learner to give me n e titles you think could help.

    Im a newb i know

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    Before you get pummeled with negative APs, I'd advise you to:

    1) Remove this post.
    2) Use the site search engine and find the hundreds of posts on this topic.

    Now, I'm not trying to bust your chops or anything but this has been covered more times than I care to remember.

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    I would have to agree with thehorse. Not that you aren't asking a "legitimate question" but it is true that every week or so everyone comes on here asking the same question. It is really a matter of opinion what is better for your setup. I have tried many flavors of linux and bsd and every single distro has its ups and its downs. This isn't really the best place to ask this type of question anyway. Try going to google and typing in a similar question or try www.linuxquestions.org www.linuxiso.org/forums and so many more like www.justlinux.com the site list is there just gotta google a little. Even on those sites and forums they will tell you the same thing. Some hardcore people will tell you Linux is better than windows but can't really explain to you why, they just got brainwashed to saying that, then you have some other people that will say Linux sux and you want BSD type. What I am trying to get at is for you to know for sure what is for you, "YOU" have to try it on your own setup and see what works best for you. As for RedHat and Mandrake they are good distros just like debian and others are good distros as well. You can get any distro to do what the other one does pretty much just some fine tuning. With most Linux distros being free go download them instead of buying them so you can find out what is best for you. Then if you like the distro you are using you can buy their boxed version to help out the developers as well, not to mention you get a manual with boxed versions. As for gaming on Linux it can be done but there is no other like the Windows machine for game availability. Wine allows you to play games on Linux if there isn't a version for Linux but it is not as good as using it on Windows.

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