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    Thoughts on new "Longhorn XP"


    Its basicly just an upgraded xp, its called longhorn xp, so what does this tell you?

    Its like making an upgrade putting it with a current os and selling it as a new operating system?

    sound familiar? Apple OSX and OSX.2 codename: "jaguar" LAME!
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    You're exactly right rebirth, all they did was upgrade it and are going to sell it as a *new* OS. Will M$ ever make a good OS instead of upgrading Windows multiple times?
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    It isn't cost or time effective for MS to write a whole new OS. Face it, by the time they would be done with it, all of their 'new' technology and ideas would be sadly outdated. Seems like only the linux community has the time (because of all the people who donate their work/time) to scrap most of the OS and start anew. jmho
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    Well they did change the look of XP from ME and also added some new stuff, but not even close to a new OS. Bill Gates is damn selfish. Richest man on earth and wants more money.............Make a GOOD OS

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    I think they should just keep adding bsd code http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?...20in%20Windows until windows becomes something good. Its funny how they attack open source ,but have no problem using open source code to improve their product.
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    I highly doubt it will become good they just keep rehashing the same code over and over again. granted it is a time saver but starting from scratch might be what they need to do to be on the same level as bsd/linux. Bill gates has more than enough money to do it probably 100 times over.

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