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Thread: Flattered or pissed?

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    Flattered or pissed?

    Hey everyone.

    I was really bored today, so i went to google and typed in 'instronics'.

    The results i found are confusing me. Should i be flattered or pissed of at the fact that some of the tuts i have written on AO are on other peoples sites? On one side, i am really flattered, i mean not everyone gets his work up on astalavista...but still, on the other side i would love to know who put my work up there, and if its legal what they have done?



    i know that my stuff is on many servers through out the net, but these ones i have no idea how they got there. Im still trying to figure out if i should be like "Oh, cool, yay" or if i should be like "WTF"?

    Guess the pissy side is that i have gotten no credit on the mentioned sites.

    Oh well, maybe i should be happy that they liked my stuff.

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    You should be flattered.

    Perhaps you should attach a GPL license to your tutorials
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    I seem to recall JP used to get really upset when someone would post something (that didn't belong to them) and not give credit to who originally wrote it. I am not sure, maybe some of the other seniors know more, but I believe JP might have gotten in a little **** over copyright infringement.
    You may want to send the admin(s) a quick e-mail to let them know you are the original author.


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    You will find AO users and their tutorials all over the net, I wouldnt be too worried about whether you get credit for a tutorial its not that big a deal.

    If you want to help people learn then who cares if they know its you and on the net you are just a name, not even your real name just some screen name!

    Flattered definately.

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    Well Instronics I personally think that you should be flattered that a company would go to a website see your Tutorial and out of the many Tutoirals here choose it, Now on the flip side you might have that company making money off of your Tut in which, I would be pissed ifI were you.


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    If you are proud of the tut you should contact them and ask for credit. I would expect the people at the sites would like to give credit to the person who wrote them.
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    If it was me I would try and find out who it was and ask the people at the site to add in that you are the orginal author and wish to have credit for your hard work and hours spent writing it.

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    Well, yeah, i actually really am very flattered to be honest

    Maybe not as much as fyodor when he saw nmap on the matrix, but hey....

    And like Ennis pointed out..... if it helps anyone learn, then its really ok, i mean afterall, a tutorial is made to give information to people in need and who are willing to learn.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this with me here.

    Cheers everyone.
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