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    I'd never neg for something like this, but I feel like you're clogging the GCC forum with a bunch of posts with pics and stuff that really needs to be condensed. Perhaps you could put them all on some free angelfire website and give the link? And maybe use the funniest picture as a teaser to get people to go there.....I dunno but I was annoyed to have to scroll past 10-12 posts that are like the same thing. Thanks for reading and I hope you won't take offense to this and I hope you'll consider being more careful about mass posting.
    meant in the "Tech Humor" forum....not GCC.
    MY Reply

    My apologies.Will attempt to clog up "Tech Humour" with more serious articles and pic's.
    Hope your mouse and finger have recovered from excessive scrolling.
    Of course I don't take offence.
    Will consider being more careful.
    Consider yourself special.
    This is just for you

    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    lol, well FINE, but I seriously thought it'd be a lot easier just to post a link to where you got all the pictures instead of putting every freakin one of them in a seperate thread. Other people have said the same thing to you in your threads....so why not just post a link or something? Or if they're not all on the same site put them all on *your* site and post a link to it. Oh, and it's not the scrolling, it's the fact that you seem to be posting that way just so you can get a ton of posts, which pisses me off no matter who is doing it.


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